Do you have to go to court and see the judge if you file bankruptcy?

Victoria Maydanik California bankruptcy Leave a Comment

Usually, no.

In most cases, the only court meeting you have to attend is the Meeting of Creditors, which is conducted by the bankruptcy trustee.  The judge is not present, and the meeting is normally held in a conference room in a federal building, not a courtroom. Your bankruptcy attorney attends this meeting with you.  The trustee reviews your paperwork, asks you some general questions, and may request some additional documents. The trustee will then file a report with the court regarding his or her findings.

This meeting shouldn’t be taken lightly, and is very important in the case. However, it is not as lengthy, formal or stressful as people sometimes fear. If you know what to expect, your attorney is prepared, and there have not been major changes in your situation, the meeting usually goes by very quickly and smoothly.

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