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Bankruptcy cost


Our attorney charges flat fees.


Attorney Fees


Chapter 7

Basic case: $750
Flexible payment plans available

Additional fee applies if you or your spouse:

  • Own real estate:    +$300;

  • Are self-employed or own a business: +$250;

  • Have over-median gross income: +$300;

  • Have judgment liens: +$450 per real estate parcel;

  • Need emergency filing: +$300 ( see details below )

Chapter 13

Most cases:

Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey,
San Benito counties:
$0 before the case is filed

San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa counties: $500 before the case is filed

Emergency filing extra


Remainder of Chapter 13 attorney fees are paid in monthly installments. They could be as low as $55 and are set by Bankruptcy Court. Remaining attorney fees are included in your monthly Chapter 13 case payments and are spread over 3 to 5 years with no interest. Note that we start getting paid only after your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan gets approved by the judge.

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Optional Emergency Filing:
While usually it takes about 10 business days to prepare the petition, we can accommodate you if you wish your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition to be filed within 48 hours.

You petition will be filed in 48 hours (weekends and holidays included) after you submit all the documents needed to prepare your case. Your bankruptcy cost may increase if you choose emergency filing option.

Additional attorney fees for emergency filing of Chapter 7 - $300

Retainer for emergency filing of Chapter 13 - $1000 ( note that retainer does not increase the total attorney fees and as a result your Chapter 13 payments may be lower )

Other Bankruptcy Costs (collected by courts and court-approved credit counseling agencies)

Court filing fee for Chapter 7  - $306
Court filing fee for Chapter 13 - $281
Credit counseling classes required by the court - $60


Fees and rates are subject to change without notice. Retaining us today will lock your bankruptcy cost for 30 days.

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