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How to File Bankruptcy

How to file bankruptcy with Maydanik Law Firm

In only 5 steps you can have you debts discharged in affordable and low cost bankruptcy case when you select Maydanik Law Firm to represent you.

Step 1:
Contact us for a free consultation which lasts about an hour. Consultation can be during the weekday or on the weekend, day or evening - your choice. We will provide you with a customized list of documents needed to file the case.

Step 2:  If you choose to retain us, we will schedule the second meeting which will also last for about an hour. You will bring the retainer and all the required documents (tax returns, pay stubs, etc) according to the list. We will review them together and check if any additional information is needed.

Step 3: During the third meeting, we will review your bankruptcy petition together and, when you are ready, you will sign the paperwork to be filed with the court.

Step 4:  About a month after the case is filed, you will need to attend a short hearing held by the bankruptcy trustee. Our attorney will prepare you for this hearing and will be there with you.

Step 5:  Usually, in a couple of months after the meeting, the judge will sign your bankruptcy papers and you will be
on the way to becoming debt-free.

We have substantial experience helping people in their time of need.
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