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Bankruptcy Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Bankruptcy 101
Often people don’t know what to expect when they consider bankruptcy as an option. The following is designed to answer a number of common questions...

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13
There are two types of bankruptcy relief available to consumers: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Debts are typically discharged in three to four months in Chapter 7, while it takes at least...

What you should and should not do if you are considering filing bankruptcy
With a better understanding of the bankruptcy process, your fresh financial start will be much more smooth and stress-free. Here are some pointers regarding the things that would hurt...

On transfers, sales, and donations of money
or property before filing bankruptcy
If you are in a difficult financial situation and are considering filing bankruptcy, don't make the situation any more difficult by...

Do you have to disclose personal loans when you file bankruptcy?
When you file a bankruptcy petition, you have an obligation to disclose all of your debts. This includes credit card debts, mortgages, car loans, tax debts, any overdue child support or alimony, overdrawn bank accounts, foreclosure and short sale deficiencies, lease deficiencies, and any other debt...

What if you don’t want to include your car in bankruptcy?
A lot of times I hear from clients, "I am not including my car in bankruptcy! I need the car."  There is a lot of misunderstanding, confusion, emotion. Don't worry. Let's take it one step at a time...

Your mortgage and bankruptcy
Let's imagine this scenario, which is not at all uncommon: you own a home and are experiencing significant financial hardship. You may have gotten this home a long time ago; worked hard to come up with a deposit and worked hard to choose just the right home for yourself and your family. You have put a lot...

Medical care and bankruptcy - how does one affect the other?
Rising medical costs, lack of adequate insurance, unexpected illness and disability have caused financial hardship for many Americans. Each year, more than a million ...

How much does bankruptcy cost?
Filing bankruptcy with us is more affordable then you may think. We offer very competitive flat fees on Chapter 7 and equally affordable payment plans for Chapter 13. To take advantage...

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