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santa clara bankruptcy attorney

Santa Clara residents File bankruptcy with Maydanik Law Firm

Santa Clara bankruptcy attorney, Victoria Maydanik, owner of Maydanik Law Firm, has successfully represented hundreds of Bay Area residents in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Our main office is in Milpitas, a few minute drive away from beatiful Santa Clara. At Maydanik Law Firm, we have helped many people who either live or work in Santa Clara or nearby cities get back on their feet and keep their homes from foreclosure.

Santa Clara bankruptcy attorney, Victoria Maydanik, provides a free consultation and caring and thorough advice
to each person contacting our firm.

santa clara bankruptcy lawyer
santa clara bankruptcy lawyer

Our consultations are available during the day and in the evenings, on weekdays and on the weekends.
If you are facing foreclosure call our bankruptcy attorney right away.
To schedule a consultation about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 for Santa Clara residents,
please call us at
(408) 673-0111 or
use the online scheduler.

Despite Santa Clara’s vast talent, resources and attractions, many residents of Santa Clara have fallen on hard times when the recession hit.  Many technology companies have laid off employees, and many people have been unemployed or underemployed for extended periods of time and their homes were foreclosed by banks.  The perks that employers used to provide to employees, such as 401(k) matches or stocks or good insurance, have become more of a rarity than a rule. Real estate has drastically dropped in value, particularly for the condominiums that are popular in the area. Many young families of Santa Clara had not been able to accumulate savings or otherwise prepare for the recession.  In fact, it has been estimated that almost 8% of the Santa Clara population is living below the poverty line.
You do not have to fall prey to these challenging economic times. You can still control your financial future and you can take steps to manage your liabilities, stop your creditors and stop the stress. Filing a bankruptcy case to eliminate or reorganize your debts may be a very good financial solution. Bankruptcy helps to protect your assets and earnings from the creditors’ reach. Our Santa Clara bankruptcy lawyer will create affordable bankruptcy plan for you, which will stop collection calls and letters, wage garnishments, bank levies and foreclosures.
Santa Clara residents also use bankruptcy to strip or void liens on real estate, catch up on mortgage at no interest, repay car loans at lower interest and sometimes decrease the balance on the car loans, and reduce tax debts. Creditors have to abide by the orders issued by the bankruptcy court.

When our Santa Clara attorney, Victoria Maydanik, will file bankruptcy for you in federal court, it will trigger automatic stay against any and all collection attempts by your creditors including any impending foreclosure.
It is very important to receive professional advice regarding your bankruptcy options from the experienced attorney. Victoria Maydanik focuses solely on the bankruptcy practice and fully understands the local court requirements in Santa Clara.
She is also one of the best foreclosure attorney in the Bay Area who helped to save hundreds of houses for her clients.

We give our clients a very powerful tool to improve their finances and wipe out their debts.
Bankruptcy law is complex. If your local bankruptcy petition is not prepared by attorney who represents clients filing bankruptcy in Santa Clara, it can be a disaster and it can lead to loss of property, money and more stress.  We strive to provide excellent representation in each case, and we truly want each our case to be successful, and each client to be well-cared-for.
If you live in Santa Clara, California or any other city of the Bay Area and are experiencing financial difficulties, contact Maydanik Law Firm today to schedule a free one-hour consultation with bankruptcy attorney Victoria Maydanik. Victoria will analyze your situation free of charge to determine if filing bankruptcy is a good solution in your situation.

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