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File bankruptcy with local Milpitas bankruptcy lawyer

Milpitas bankruptcy attorney,  Attorney Victoria Maydanik, has successfully represented hundreds of Bay Area residents
in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.
Our main office is in Milpitas, a bustling city in the Silicon Valley.
At Maydanik Law Firm, we have helped many people who either live or work in Milpitas or nearby cities
get back on their feet.

We offer a free one-hour consultation with bankruptcy lawyer.

Our consultations are available during the day and in the evenings, on weekdays and on the weekends. If you are facing foreclosure call Maydanik Law Firm today - it is never late to save your home.

To schedule your free, no obligation consultation , please call us at

(408) 673-0111 or use the online scheduler.

Milpitas has rapidly grown in recent years.  From a rural community of about 800 people in 1950, literally a place of milpitas, or “little cornfields,” it has transformed into a busy city with 63,000 residents in 2010, and became home to such industrial heavyweights as Cisco Systems, SanDisk, Maxtor, LSI Corporation, Flextronics, Adaptec, Intersil and many others. Not all of the changes have been good or easy to adjust to, but Milpitas has managed to bounce back and recover from setbacks.  For example, when the Ford factory closed down in 1984, the site was eventually converted into “The Great Mall of the Bay Area,” which today is a convenient and popular shopping mall.

milpitas bankruptcy attorney
milpitas bankruptcy lawyer

We are located in McCarthy Business Center one block away from Cisco Systems, about one mile away from McCarthy Ranch, and less than 2 miles away from the famed Great Mall of the Bay Area – yes, the same one that sprang out on the site of the now-defunct Ford factory. We are very close to 237 and 880 freeways.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and having an opportunity to help you.

Whether you have an impending wage garnishment, foreclosure, repossession, tax liens, high medical bills, credit card debt, car loans with high interest or high monthly payments, or any other financial burdens, call us.
There is no minimum amount of debt, and no specific type of debt you need to have to file a petition dont hesitate to call us to see if filing bankruptcy would make sense.

Whether you are current on your payments to creditors, but struggling to keep up, or have not been able to make any payments for a while, facing foreclosure or being sued
talk to our Milpitas bankruptcy lawyer and find out more about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as a possible solution and financial relief.  

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